Transform your office by using colour to boost your mood and well-being

Do you spend most of your day in a dark office cubicle or facing blank, grey, lifeless walls? This could be drastically affecting your productivity as colours can trigger moods, stimulate creativity and influence your overall feeling of well-being.

Bringing excitement and colour into your office doesn’t have to mean a total makeover! You can transform your office space into a vibrant environment using some simple ideas such as coloured pin boards or desk screens, plants and greenery, upholstered office chairs, coloured stationery that aligns with your brand, painted feature walls or some art.

Different colours have diverse effects on our moods, so make sure you select the colour that’s fit for your purpose.


Trying to draw attention or create urgency in a particular area? Red is an active and high intensity colour. It is vibrant and energetic, but can be overwhelming and startling when overused.


Boost your creativity and emotional response by incorporating yellow into your workspace. It is a colour of optimism and can stimulate imagination and ingenuity, making it ideal for designers, artists, developers or writers!


As a colour of calm and balance, green is said to aid your intake and recall of information. If you work long hours, incorporate green into your workspace to counteract sluggishness and improve your focus.


Much like green, blue is a low-wavelength colour and lowers your heartrate by soothing and calming you. If your job is brain intensive and requires a lot of focus, blue is an excellent colour to level out stress and improve productivity.