Our Environment

BFG acknowledge the impact of its operational activities, products and services on the environment.

As managing director, Clifton Webb told Business New Zealand, “As a manufacturer, our environmental impact is always a concern at the forefront of our minds and we only use New Zealand raw materials in our manufactured product items, and all solid wood used is New Zealand pine from sustainable wood forests. New Zealand Tube Mills manufactures our steel, and our aluminium dies are held with Ulrich Aluminium.” You can read the full article, Keeping pace with office spaces.

The company is committed to minimising this impact through ongoing sound environmental practices across all aspects of the business.

This includes:

  • implementing an Environmental Management System to ensure compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations
  • active membership of industry associations such as the New Zealand Green Building Council
  • ongoing review and improvement of operating processes, plant and equipment to improve efficiencies and minimise waste and the consumption of energy and natural resources
  • working closely with our suppliers to source raw materials designed to mitigate negative environmental impact at every stage of our operations
  • implementing a sustainable product stewardship programme, which includes advice and education for our customers on the safe use and environmentally efficient end-of-life disposal of our products
  • innovative product design which supports product stewardship practices, and takes account of environmental aspects
  • promotion of environmental awareness to employees and stakeholders, and advocating environmentally responsible practices
  • developing monitoring systems and practices to continually improve our performance in minimising any negative environmental impact resulting from our operations

Establishing specific objectives for:

  • internal and external recycling and waste reduction
  • product stewardship
  • reducing pollution through source reduction, or where possible, elimination
  • careful use of non-renewable resources