Green Workspace

Green Workspace

Go green and make your office more environmentally friendly!

Green work spaces mean more than just separating your rubbish and recycling. There are a variety of ways you can look to do this in your office, so here are a few of our suggestions:

Support local business

While supporting local businesses is great for the economy, it’s also green because products don’t need to be transported so far. BFG are proud supporters of a variety of local businesses, and we work closely with our suppliers to source raw materials designed to mitigate negative environmental impacts.

Literally, go green!

Introduce plants into your workplace! Studies have shown that both productivity and moral increase when your workplace is filled with leafy green life. Plants are also said to decrease stress, improve air quality and add a calming aesthetic quality to your office.

Implement paperless work practices

Resist printing that email! Communicate electronically as much as possible and utilise technologies such as tablets and laptops to discuss ideas with colleagues. If it really is necessary, print on both sides of the paper and maximise your page layout so that there is no unnecessary wastage.

Upcycle your furniture

If your office is looking to replace furniture, look at ways you can utilise the items you currently have. Reupholstering is a great way to give new life to an old chair, and can also save you a bundle!

Review processes

Look for ways to improve efficiency and minimise end waste in all aspects of your business. Being more environmentally friendly could also reduce costs! BFG constantly review our operating processes, plant and equipment in order to improve efficiency and minimise the end waste. We do this with smart design and maximising things like board cuts and fabric meterage.