Great workspace, happy staff!

Great workspace, happy staff!

Your physical environment can have a big impact on your productivity

A positive workspace is all about balance. Your physical environment impacts your productivity and ability to work collaboratively and cohesively with your colleagues. A variety of factors can come into play:

  • Is there adequate personal space?
  • How are the noise levels?
  • Is there sufficient lighting from windows or overhead?
  • Are you in a corridor with lots of disturbances?
  • Does the quality of air promote a healthy environment?
  • Are you an individual or team worker?

Providing ample balance between individualised workspaces and collaborative zones is vital to ensure colleagues are able to interact and communicate clearly. Divisions of space can be made with permanent walls, acoustic screening or modern accents such as vertical gardens.

However, no one likes to feel chained to their desks, So just as a positive work zone is important, so are the social spaces. One of the simplest ways encourage a positive environment is to eat together. This can be an invitation to a lunch out, bringing a shared plate or eating individual meals together. It all adds to the workplace moral and better relationships between colleagues and employees.