Hush Acoustic Pod

Hush is an acoustic solution created to work how you want – your way, a new space within an open plan office intended for informal meetings, mini conference space, a private space to work and converse in. Hush has addressed and eliminated the key issues (too many distractions, no privacy, no space where an employee can feel at ease) surrounding open plan office environments and has come up with a dynamic range of booths – Hush Phone provides privacy & reduces noise within the an open place office environment, Hush Meet is a great way of aiding creativity and new ideas, Hugh Meet Open creates a casual & friendly space for everyone, Hush Meet L provides an acoustic meeting/conference space for up to 8 people.

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Upholstered in your fabric of choice

• Led ceiling light run by motion sensor
• Efficient ventilation run by motion sensor
• Power module
• Tamepered acoustic glass door with handle
• Glazed acoustic glass rear wall
• Ergonomic shelf / storage
• Fold-away oak veneer laptop table
• Acoustic lined fabric panels
• Integral carpeted floor
• Anti-collision door manifestation
• Castors (Hush Phone)
• Desk with manual adjustment
• Leveling feet (Hush Work)
• Possibility to move without disassembly
• Compact desk
• Upholstered benches

Phone (mm):
1000w x 900d x 2230h

Work (mm):
1600w x 1200d 2300h

Meet (mm):
2150w x 1390d x 2300h

Meet Open (mm):
2150w x 1390d x 2300h

Meet L (mm):
2600w x 1800-3600d x 2300h

Lead time:
Approx. 4-6 weeks

See your Sales Rep for further information

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